Dudeski Review

By , on March 13, 2014
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4 out of 5


  • Old-school downhill racing fun
  • Twitch gameplay is supported by responsive controls
  • Good level of challenge



  • Repeating tile sets are noticeable
  • Framerate gets a little jerky during more hectic areas


Dudeski will challenge you with its speed, tempt you off-course with its pine cones, and infuriate you with every tree you hit. Somehow, though, you will still enjoy every moment.

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If someone were to suggest skiing down Dudeski’s murderous Lord Shred Mountain in real life, you would think they were crazy. Thankfully, Static Ocean's latest game makes getting to the bottom of this slalom of death more about fun than fear.

Touching either side of the screen steers your skier left and right, letting you weave through the game’s red and blue slalom gates. The game’s pixel-art graphics do a lot to communicate the correct path through these gates, with ski tracks indicating the path of least resistance.

While the course is randomised each time, you'll see the same obstacles cropping up again and again. Though this eventually proves a little repetitious, it allows you to learn specific tactics for sections of the course, helping you reach the next hurdle in one piece.

On your way to the bottom you still have to tackle the slope’s many hazards. The slalom gates are flanked by bushes, trees, Yetis, and a host of other increasingly dangerous obstacles for you to avoid.

Dodging these hazards become tougher still, as you're constantly veering off course to collect pine cones. These are Dudeski’s one collectable. They allow you to pay penguins for buffs to keep your skier safe, or to open shortcuts that trasport you to any of the mountains four different environments.

If obstacles and gates were the only dangers on your way down then you could just take it nice and slow. Unfortunately, avalanche of white death nipping at your heels ensures the pressure stays on all the way down the mountain.

Filled with humorous touches and arcade fun, Dudeski is entertaining from top to bottom. Even though the challenge is to beat you - or your friend's - high score, just surviving its treacherous slopes for a few minutes will provide a healthy dose of satisfaction.


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