Republique Review

By , on May 6, 2014
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4 out of 5


  • Rich fiction and world
  • Great voice acting
  • Good gameplay concept


  • Poor AI will frustrate
  • Fiddly controls at times
  • Seeing the world through cameras can feel limiting


République’s gameplay provides an interesting twist on the stealth genre, but it is the world and the fiction that will keep you coming back to this episodic title.

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République begins abruptly with you receiving a call from the panicked hero, Hope. Trapped in a totalitarian state, the young girl longs for freedom. Believing that you are her last chance of escape, Hope asks you to use your hacking skills to manipulate the city’s electronics to help free her.

It is a strange take on the stealth genre, that has you leading Hope remotely through the oppressive world. The 1984-inspired fiction sees the walls covered with surveillance cameras, all of which act as your eyes. Using classic adventure game point-and-click controls you have to move between cameras, activating various electronic devices, to help Hope evade security. There are a number of ingenious ways to use your powers, but we found using our ability to hack door locks and seal guard in rooms particularly satisfying.

While you can tell Hope when and where to run, you have no way to control her route from A to B. If she decides to walk straight past a guard, get caught on the scenery, or simply be unwilling to duck behind a box, there is nothing you can do but look on. This leaves you either micromanaging her every move to ensure she is on track, or coming to terms with the fact that you will be helping Hope escape detention blocks on a regular basis.

République’s superb presentation and interesting dystopian universe provide a wonderful backdrop for Hope's journey, with collectibles adding further history and texture. There is nothing like picking up one of the game’s outlawed books and hearing the Overseer’s ominous voice explaining exactly why he banned that specific title. It is this kind of detail that makes you want to explore, even if when are furious at Hope for being captured yet again.

République tries to do some interesting things with its blend of stealth and point-and-click adventure. The fiddly controls and AI will certainly try your patience at times, but the story and unique gameplay will likely have you coming back for the next episode.


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