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NOT your typical "missile command" game. Made specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with a "pick up and play" attitude, this is an arcade shooter that is in a genre of its own. Tilt to aim, tap to shoot, unlock new enemies, guns and powerups every level, all the way to the final battle (where you get to really go nuts with the big guns).

The Story:

The year is 2072. Humans make first contact with an alien race. Except, for over 40 years there has been no communication. The aliens, parked on the outer edge of the solar system, have shown little to no interest in Earth. Until now..

What do the they want with us? Attempts to communicate with the aliens have all failed, and Earth is preparing for the worst. You have been assigned as a turret operator, trained to use both mobile and stationary planetary defense towers and equipment. Your job is to ensure the safety of important human assets both here on Earth and in space.

- Story mode with over 20 unique missions.
- Over 10 different weapons to use.
- Power ups: from lasers to nukes.
- Online high scores and detailed statistics.
- Easy to use controls and gentle learning curve.
- All original game play utilizing the iPhone's unique controls.
- Juicy explosions and action!

Simplified controls make this game extremely easy to pick up and play, but hard to master. Whether you just want to kill a few minutes while waiting for that TV dinner to cook or a couple hours while waiting at the airport, this game will help you do that.

Gradual introduction of new enemies, weapons, powerups and upgrades will keep you engaged and playing until the very last mission!

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What's New in Version 1.3.2

We've updated the game so that it's more stable and the levels are more balanced. Some weapons have been slightly enhanced and a few levels feature slightly reduced difficulty or more powerups. This new version of the game should be easier to beat and more fun to play!

- Fixed a crash that occurs on iOS 4.0 and above
- Added multitasking support
- Updated to a new version of Cocos2D graphics engine
- Updated to the latest OpenFeing version


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