Champion Archer LITE

Champion Archer LITE
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Try out the free version of the epic Champion Archer. One of the best priced free games available!

Bowman meets Lord of the Rings in this epic game of archery, endurance, strategy, and pure awesomeness.

Champion Archer provides great iPhone/iPod Touch gameplay mechanics with unique graphics and sound.

*WARNING* The addictive nature of this game may cause difficulties in other areas of your life, such as school, work, and social relationships.

User Reviews:
“This game is a heaping dose of awesome.”

“Legolas ain’t got nothing on me. I killed 143 orcs in under 2 minutes!”

“Champion Archer is a great addition to the Castle Defense genre. It really does a good job of taking advantage of touch screen controls and provides a great amount of content compared to similarly priced games. This is a much better by then something like bowman.”

“A solid game with huge potential for updates. I hear dragons and even a multiplayer duel mode are coming in the future.”


The Orc hordes have risen from the east and have decimated all in their path. The pride of humanity has prevented them from joining together to battle the onslaught as a united force.
Kingdom after kingdom has fallen and there is but one last stronghold to hold out against the evil. As a last resort, the final King of mankind has approached the Elven Council to request their help. The Elven Lords believe that the pride of humanity is their ultimate downfall and are reluctant to aid them in battle. Yet one Elven Lord accepts the challenge to be the Hero of the free world. You are that Hero.


- Tap and hold to angle your shot and determine your power.

- Keep your swordsman alive as they try to overtake the enemy.

- Battle endless hordes of Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, and more.

- Improve your personal arsenal with an array of upgrades, such as double shot, quick shot, and the legendary bow, among others.
- Upgrade your allies to help them do better in battle against the enemy.

Features: (Full Version Only)

- Local and Online Leaderboards

- OpenFeint Integration

- Challenge your friends on Twitter and Facebook to beat your high-score

- Special Achievements

- Endless Playing: Keep going until you are defeated.

Future Updates will include new enemies, such asdragons, special powers to be used by the hero, multiplayer dueling, and much more.

*Remember: It is your 5 star reviews that keep us updating this game. We greatly appreciate your support and feedback.

Visit us at to provide feedback on our games and help choose what we add in the updates!

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