The Enigma

The Enigma
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  • Released: 22 Dec, 2009
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The Enigma – is an application for text encryption and for sending the encrypted text by SMS or by E-mail*.

Application’s features:
- you may enter a text for decryption from the keyboard or paste any text from the iPhone’s buffer;
- the length of the secret code (cipher) equals the length of the source message;
- breaking the code without special skills and training is nearly impossible;
- you may encrypt the code again. As long as you encrypt not words but cifre breaking the code is less possible even for a skilled cryptographers;
- the application developers do not participate in the transfer of your messages, therefore you correspondence is totally confidential from the developers.

Enigma – is one of the most famous encrypting machines in the world. It played the great part in history, technologies and culture of the 20th century.
Invented in the early 20-ies by the genius German scientist and electomechanic engineer – Scherbius, Enigma at first served peace – mainly encrypting the commercial correspondence. During the World War II German military (Wehrmacht) heavily used Enigma encryption almost everywhere – on the land, in the air and under the sea. Breaking the Enigma code was one of the most crucial missions for the allied intelligence and it was a decisive factor in the victory over nazism.

Even today only trained cryptographers having special equipment and software may break the Enigma’s code.

The technology of Enigma and its improvements inspired the development of technology. Enigmas with improved printing module were the first printers. Separation of the printing module showing the decrypted code and terminal panel became the model for the present “thin clients”.

* The application was developed for educational purposes as demonstration of the hardware encryption method by the software code. The application is not designated for encryption of the personal, commercial, military or any other information that is valuable for the user or constitutes a classified information.


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