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Blastian delivers instant, old school, top scrolling visceral thrills from the very first level and doesn’t let up!

Although the thrills are old school the action isn’t, with tilt control and an amazing escape manoeuvre that is pulled off with a ‘flip’ of your device, Blastian is a unique iPhone/iPod touch experience.

Starting out as a lowly Ensign your job is to defend the Solar System from the evil insectoid Xacti forces. Wave after wave, planet after planet, battle after battle, the Xacti are relentless destroyers of worlds.

But you aren’t defenceless and as you take on the Xacti over every planet in our Solar System you can deploy an arsenal of powerful weapons including Photons, Mega-Blasters, orbiting Pulsar shields and the mighty Berserk!

It’s time to fulfil your destiny and save Mankind. It’s time for Blastian!

Begin as a lowly Ensign and do your best to defend our entire Solar System from the insectoid Xacti foe. Enemy after enemy, wave after wave, planet after planet, the Xacti are inexhaustible and relentless.

But you are not defenseless and your ship is armed with an increasingly sophisticated and powerful array of weapons from mega-blasters to smart bombs, plasma cannon, orbiting shields and the mighty Beserk!

Each planet in our Solar System represents a different battle with all leading to the ultimate showdown with Xacti forces over our home world – Earth!


Tilt control with unique 'flip' escape maneuvre

Nine levels, each based on battles over planets of the Solar System

Five additional missions to complete

Arsenal of weapons includes smart bombs, Photon weapons, Mega Blasters and Pulsars

Save the Solar System to your own soundtrack with access to your own music library


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