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Join the International Contract Agency as a professional Hitman. Track your career, plan your Contracts, browse the extensive statistics, evaluate your style and manage your Intel. Everything the Ultimate Assassin needs to give him the edge.

NEW content update:
• HITMAN: SNIPER CHALLENGE support; check score, leader boards, challenges and weapon modifier overview.
• HITMAN: HD TRILOGY support; check achievements/trophies and story mode overview.
• OPTIMIZED login flow and Square Enix Membership support.
• OVERALL bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements.

HITMAN: ABSOLUTION key features:
• VIEW, BUY AND UPGRADE weapons, purchase disguises and assess your techniques from Hitman: Absolution – changes made will synchronize directly with the game.
• PLAN YOUR GAME ON THE GO – find custom made Contracts and push them to the Hitman: Absolution game.
• FOLLOW YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS from Hitman: Absolution and onwards to build up your contract killer career.
• MANAGE YOUR ASSASSIN NETWORK and follow up on the network of contract killers from anywhere in the Hitman franchise. The International Contract Agency has crucial global and local statistics, info, and analysis on every known assassination.
• GET ACCESS TO THE EXTENSIVE ICA DATABASE for helpful info on locations, targets etc. Learn about the Hitman legacy and follow the footsteps of Agent 47. Get insights to the secret ICA files with guides, tips and tricks on how to deal with targets.
• RECEIVE VALUABLE INFORMATION and get the latest updates about local and global performances.
• GET THE LATEST NEWS from The International Contract Agency community site and Hitman YouTube channel.

See more at hitman.com and www.facebook.com/hitman

FAQ: http://hitman.com/hitman-ica-faq
Terms of Use: http://hitman.com/hitman-ica-eula

What's New in Version 1.2

This ‘Hitman: ICA’ update brings with it support for several new titles in the HITMAN universe – ‘Hitman: HD Trilogy’ and ‘Hitman: Sniper Challenge’. It also adds story mode support for ‘Hitman 2: Silent Assassin’, ‘Hitman: Contracts’ and ‘Hitman: Blood Money’, embracing most titles in the franchise as well as a range of fixes and new content to the app itself.

New content update 1.2
Added ‘Hitman: Sniper Challenge’ support
• Display score and leaderboard (Friends, Local and Global)
• Added story mode, weapon and challenge lookup pages

Added ‘Hitman: HD Trilogy’ support
• Display achievements or trophies for ‘Hitman: Silent Assassin’, ‘Hitman: Contracts’ and ‘Hitman: Blood Money’. NOTE: The App doesn’t support the ‘Hitman: Blood Money’ Xbox360 version

Added ‘Hitman 2: Silent Assassin’, ‘Hitman: Contracts’ and ‘Hitman: Blood Money’ story mode support
• Added story mode pages for all the three tiles, 46 missions with loading screen image, objectives and briefing text

Added support for Square Enix Membership Mobile page
• Create a Square Enix Membership account and link the account to an ‘Online Service’ inside the App

Now compatible with iOS 7
• Fixed an issue where the keyboard wasn’t being activated at the login screen on devices running iOS 7
• Reduced the App Size by nearly 40%

Other features and improvements
• Added ‘Hitman: Absolution’ target files to the ICA Files section, a total of 29 new files
• Added embedded YouTube Player
• Added ‘Rate This App’, ‘Get More Games’ and ‘FAQ’ to the slide up menu
• Updated ‘Other Materials’ with ‘Full Disclosure’ app
• Updated ‘Unauthorized Materials’ with ‘Hitman: Sniper Challenge’ and ‘Hitman: HD Trilogy’ support, link to PRIMA Guide, YouTube feed and FORA links
• Updated the ‘Public Network’ with the new Hitman website RSS feed
• Updated the ‘Assassin Profile’ page to reflect the new supported titles
• Removed the intro video and ICA ‘Triangle’ lock, and added a new splash screen

Other fixes
• Fixed issue with weapon upgrade – buying a Red Dot in the App, but will receive a Modified Stock ingame
• Fixed login issue with passwords that contain special characters
• Fixed login issue for Square Enix Membership users that have a North American account
• Fixed the “Time Stamp” and “Battery Status” in the bottom bar – not being properly updated
• Improved world map/pins under ICA files
• Improved “Find Contracts” page - now have a search indicator
• Overall improvement of the current design and icon’s to give the agents a better overview

Many more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements.


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