Stradale Racing Simulator

Stradale Racing Simulator
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This is the racing sim that >I< think we need.

The physics are as realistic as those in X-Plane, with engine power, tire cohesion, and aerodynamic drag and downforce all accurately modeled.

The tracks are the most fantastic things I could dream up... tracks that... COULD exist.

Now, with 500+ horsepower supercars and realistic physics, you can tackle those tracks that only exist in our imagination, but COULD be built in reality if we ever dared...

And, with in iPhone 6+ and a cheap Google Cardboard headset, you can do the whole thing in 3-D VR... which is really quite amazing. The world looks HUGE in there!

What's New in Version 1.19

New physics:
DRAFTING! Based on research papers on drafting to reduce drag, we now have lower drag behind other cars... time to slingshot!
Now here is where things gets interesting: Drafting also reduces the drag of the car in FRONT as long as the cars are very close, so you can also get a push by having someone tailgating you, as you ride their bow wave! Drag reduction can be up to 30% by drafting the guy in front, and up to 40% by riding the bow wave of the guy behind you... but the cars must be VERY close for this bow wave effect to happen! Can you use this drag reduction to get faster lap times?

Car moments of inertia are a bit refined to be a bit more accurate... this reduces tumble rates after accidents as well.

Post-race on-screen score now shows the score you just got on that lap, not your current BEST score!
This lets you see if you just set a personal record the moment you cross the line.
BEST score remains displayed on the mission cards as always.


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