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Bounce That - Shake, Shimmy & Wiggle Any Picture!

+ Make any image BOUNCE on your iPhone Or iPod Touch + Choose your picture, Add multiple "Bounce Points", Adjust Size and Bounciness, Tap Bounce to Play, Shake and enjoy + Amuse all of your friends with your fun bouncy creation +

Like the song says, "Bounce with me, with me, with me, with me!"


*** What does Bounce That do?

Simply stated, it makes you and your friends smile and laugh by letting you to take any image from your camera roll and choose which parts you want to see "Bounce". Think about for a moment ... there you go - I'm sure you're smiling right now because you have some images in mind! You can use THAT one!


*** How does it work?

1 - Load any picture from your camera roll or take a picture live
2 - Set "Bounce Points" on the area(s) you want to bounce
3 - Tap to use the slider or simply pinch to adjust/resize the "Bounce Points"
4 - Use the other slider to choose "Bounciness" (more or less)
5 - Add multiple additional "Bounce Points" (repeat Steps 4 & 5)
6 - Tap "Bounce" to play
7 - Shake and enjoy all the bouncy goods!

*** Are there any other features?

Zoom and crop pictures prior to adding Bounces
Rename and Save Bounces easily
Simple delete & edit functions
Share Bounce That with friends by email or Facebook


*** What are people saying about BOUNCE THAT?

"This App is truly the dumbest thing in the world, son ... and I LOVE IT! Last night I wasted an hour of my life taking pictures of my dogs and using this BOUNCE THAT thingy to turn them into bobbly headed mutts! You gotta see the one with all three of their heads bouncing all out of whack - it's hilarious! Today I'm gonna take group pictures of everyone at work and turn them into bobbly heads too! Glad I spent all that money paying for your college."

- Dad

"Son, I always knew one day you'd find your way in the world and be a success. Last night your dad was chasing around our dogs all out of breath and taking pictures. He showed me one of the three of them he made with your BOUNCE THAT thig-a-ma-gig - and their heads were bouncing all around. It was kinda cute and your father was thoroughly amused. So, at the very least, you were successful in getting your dad to exercise a little. Kudos for that!"

- Love always, Mom

"Hey brotha! I was at the club the other night with the fellas and saw this hottie dancing with this dude! When dude jetted to the bathroom I pulled out my iPhone and made my approach. Told her I thought she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen and asked if I could take her pic? She was flattered and agreed. So, I loaded it in your BOUNCE THAT App in seconds ... made her whole body bounce then showed her. She laughed and told me I was funny ... and cute! Then dude came up and socked me in the jaw! All my fellas jumped in and pulled us apart and the bouncers grabbed up dude and threw him out of the club. The best part? The hottie stayed with me, got ice from bar and "took care of me all night". I guess what I'm saying here is BOUNCE THAT is a HIT ... BOTH literally and figuratively! LOL

- Your friend and #1 fan, Mr. Romance

Disclaimer: Since this App is BRAND NEW I can only tell you what my family and friends have said. (NOTE: this is satire and can't be taken too seriously)

What's New in Version 1.5

Share Bounces
Add dope beats to your videos


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