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Instacts - Instant Contacts.
A contacts app everyone needs, also with iPhone 5 support!

Probably the most useful features:
• Send personalized sms/email to selected contacts (e.g "hey $firstname", which translates to "hey joe", "hey jane" for different contacts etc).
• See which contacts you added recently! You can list contacts by date of addition, or by recent usage.
• App opens straight to search mode. Quick call button on each contact allows you to call anyone at an average of two-three taps. Add to this the fast loading because we don't load contact photos gives you the best/fastest way to call someone.

And more awesome features:
• Just type a new contact's name, number, email, twitter in the search textbox. We'll work out what goes in what field for you. On iOS 6, you can even just dictate the numbers!
• Real-Time Search Your Contacts: search matches their name, notes, groups, email and twitter.
• Batch edit/delete contacts - change their companies / add/remove notes of many contacts at once.
• With one extra tap, send your own contact to newly added contacts.
• You can secretly record audio while entering contacts, could be useful for.. many things. Check settings.
• quickly add/remove multiple users into/out of groups.
• You can also edit/create groups from this app.
• Create a calendar reminders for a contact straight from the app. Dictate what time the reminder would be (e.g "three o'clock", "next week friday 3pm") or use shorthand ("3pm tmr"). The app's smart enough to understand.

Standard features:
• Integrated with the system contacts list. So it works just like the normal contacts app, but with more things listed above.

This app currently only supports english.


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