HEELYS grind

HEELYS grind
  • Publisher: Fuel Games
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 27 Mar, 2015
  • Size: 69.5 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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HEELYS – the grind is a super addictive casual endless runner where you strap on your HEELYS shoes and grind up as many points as you can by performing cool tricks!

Game Features

Complete missions to increase your permanent score bonus, pick up items, perform tricks and grind rails, park benches and more on your way to the top of the leaderboard!

Game Play

- Tap the screen to run faster when running on the ground! By running faster you can jump higher and perform flips, reach higher ledges and jump farther over obstacles!
- Swipe up to jump. Swipe up again if you have enough speed to perform a 360 flip!
- Swipe down when in the air to land on a rail to start grinding!
- While grinding or when in the air, swipe left, right or tap to perform tricks to earn more bonus score (but be sure to have enough rail left or are high enough up in the air or you’ll fall!!)
- Oh!, avoid running into objects or land in the grass!

Coming very soon!

- More levels!
- More items to do tricks on!
- Even more characters to unlock and play!
- Achievements!
- More visual candy and objects that break!
- Secrets!!

What's New in Version 1.0.8

- 3 Unlockable levels with unique looks & rad challenges
- More fun new missions & achievements
- New skins and looks to unlock
- Bug fixes and optimizations


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