Ronie - Educational Pathbook

Ronie - Educational Pathbook
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SUPER FUN STORY, interactive book with multiple endings. Have FUN, play and discover multiple endings in this educational story.

Written by María Fernanda Seceñas.
Learn how to say please and thank you.

Many parents read our books to their children and let them make the decisions, try it and have an unforgettable experience.

An Interactive Book App with images, music, decisions and multiple endings.

"Ronie - Learn how to say please and thank you" is available today, you get to choose the course of this storybook online, become the main character, choose your path wisely and discover our multiple endings.

Pathbooks short stories for kids.

This Interactive Book App is published by Living a Book. This is not only a book, or gamebook, or chat stories, or a simple interactive story, it's a spectacular PATHBOOK.

Ronie is a very cute boy, he has big cheeks, small eyes, curly hair and he likes to wear shorts. Ah! And he always wears t-shirts of his favorite color, red!

It was a very pretty sunny morning. Ronie got up and was very happy, he realized it was Saturday and he didn’t have to go to school. How exciting!

Ronie and his parents would visit their family that day, since they missed them and were very excited to see them.

Who do you think Ronie should visit?

Decisión1 - His grandparents.
Ronie’s grandparents live in a farm. They are very nice, they are always happy.

Decisión2 – His uncle and aunt.
Ronie’s uncle and aunt live in a building at the city’s downtown. They are very fun and they always have something to celebrate.

Read the PATHBOOK and choose wisely.

Have FUN reading this educative book for kids. A Wonderful Book with music, illustrations, and unexpected endings.

A reading adventure.

Ordinary people, book lovers, and writers from around the world are writing our books. Be part of this adventure and become the author of your own interactive book. You just need to write the story and Living a Book will design, program and publish it as an application.

Many parents read our books to their children and let them make the decisions, try it and have an unforgettable experience.

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