compass map walking

compass map walking
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First of all, we would like to explain the purpose of developing this application.
The main purpose of this application is for the support of pleasant walking exercise for health. This application has memory function for user's convenience. It is very difficult to enter the name of the destination again when walking is interrupted by telephone etc. Please use the location service of this application for this walking assistant purpose by all means.
How it works.
When you press the button North, the map itself moves like a compass, and it goes round and round in the iPhone's screen. Even people with no sense of direction, with the place name or address of the destination in the red column and pressing the search button, from the place to the destination, nearby, even in the same town, far redrawn in the direction of the far end of Japan I will show you around. Since the map always points north, I will not go to South America to go to Alaska. The power of the geomagnetism is the same as seeing the direction by looking at the north star of the ship, and it tells us the sense of direction sense. Below, I wrote the operation method easily.
1. In Pink, place name or address + search button. 2. The red line appears on the map 3. Copy the pink and paste it on the red,and press save button. 4. Move the map by pushing the north button 5. S GPS, retract button if necessary (retract with cursor in red) 6. Please use light blue and yellow for notes, be sure to write headlines in the red column and please click on the save button. 7. Lightly singing that song while holding the song " you take an iPhone and wear a hat, leave any trouble and go to the sunny road, if you go out on a sunny road, the feeling is nothing but a rich man Find your useful way to spend healthy everyday.Grab your iPhone and get your hat,leave your worries on the doorstep,just direct your feet to the sunnny side of the street. Find your usefull usage,good luck.


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