Snore Free : Stop Snoring Gym

Snore Free : Stop Snoring Gym
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SnoreFree, is the #1 ANTI-SNORING THERAPY APP that brings back RESTFUL NIGHTS & HEALS from SNORING naturally. It’s like yoga for your mouth.

The SnoreFree app training has a well-founded scientific background & can significantly improve your sleep, strengthen the immune system by regaining healthy sleep, enhance the pronunciation & diminish your snoring. With simple oral gym exercises & no need of painful operations & expensive or uncomfortable devices.

FREE DOWNLOAD SnoreFree including 6 exercises - without obligations.


Snoring is mostly caused by a muscular weakness in the mouth & throat. The tissue becomes flaccid, collapses during sleep & obstructs the flow of breath. The oxygen level in the blood decreases & the sleep quality is severely impaired. Sleep is no longer restful.


The longer & louder a person snores, the bigger the health risks. Snoring can result in symptoms like daytime tiredness, micro-sleep, loss of physical performance. In the long run higher risk for impotence, heart attack & stroke.

> Daytime fatigue due to oxygen deprivation
> Immune system is weakened
> Risk of stroke & heart attack
> Diminished performance in daily life
> Dry mouth in the morning
> Recurring headaches
> Lack of mental concentration
> Impotence, reduced sexual drive
> Losing 2h of sleep
> Burden for partnership relation
> Heavy snoring can LOWER the LIFE EXPECTANCY by 10 YEARS

SnoreFree METHOD

Our unique therapy was developed by Viennese logopedist & anti-snore expert Dario Lindes. In 13 years of therapeutic practice he has teached his training to strengthen the muscles in the mouth & throat.

80% of our users report a remarkable reduction of their snoring sounds, wake up refreshed & experience an increase of daytime performance. After a few weeks training, you can significantly reduce your snoring & improve quality of sleep & life. Deep & healthy sleep is an essential factor for better life, productivity & harmony in the bedroom.


> Treats snoring naturally
> Deep & restful sleep
> More quality of life
> Harmony in your bedroom
> Strengthens immune system by healthier sleep
> Improves articulation
> Enhances sleep cycle
> Sleep through again
> Tightens facial muscles


> 49 easy-to-follow video exercises
> Guided 4 Level workout
> Personalised training for best results
> Structured dashboard
> Daily reminder - never forget a workout
> Animations about anatomy, for better understanding
> Relaxing meditations to fall asleep
> Numerous articles about sleep hygiene, well-being & fitness

1 Month € 9,99 Perceivable success after a few weeks
3 Months € 26,99 Recommended min training 4 best results
12 Months € 89,99 1 year training for the price of 1h at the therapist
LifeTime € 249,99 BEST choice, stay permanently SnoreFree

Our PRICES VARY by countries we've ALIGNED subscription COSTS globally with average local incomes.

SnoreFree HELPS

> Sleep through the night again
> Suffering from mild sleep apnea
> Waking up exhausted
> Tiredness by day
> General loss of performance
> Having tried other remedies
> Loud snorers
> Partnership problems


> Download SnoreFree, try 6 exercises for FREE
> Sign up to premium, let you coach to a better sleep
> Improve your sleep cycle with just 10 min training
> Check your success on your personal dashboard
> Never forget a workout with the daily reminder
> Relax with our guided meditations
> Learn more about sleep hygiene, well-being, fitness & nutrition
> Get back your sleep & power

SnoreFree is no medical service, it doesn't make any diagnosis neither does it replace the requirement to see a MD or other medical intervention. For further diagnostic or therapeutic needs, please always consult your physician & follow his instructions.

We are happy to [email protected]


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What's New in Version 2.1.0

In this update we have fixed the bug of the video player and optimized the training algorithm so that you become snore free even faster.


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