ABC Tap Tap

ABC Tap Tap
  • Publisher: Gordon Yip
  • Genre: Word
  • Released: 15 Jul, 2020
  • Size: 12.9 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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This is a simple alphabet tapping game originally created for my kids to learn their letters. ABC Tap Tap was designed with their input and pretty much a kids game built by kids, for kids. We hope your children will enjoy this game too and thank you for your support! Please feel free to reach out for questions, comments, and suggestions on how to improve this game!

The game is all about tapping the correct letter! It keeps track of every successful tap, but will deduct a point whenever the correct letter drops all the way down off the screen. But don't worry, we differentiate your high score (which is total number of correct taps) from the current score. For every 10 correct taps, the game speeds up a little bit more and will slow back down when enough letters are missed. This is the game's way to move along at your child's pace. As your child plays more, their letter recognition timing will improve and play at a faster drop rate.


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