3P Mahjong Fury- Bloodbath

3P Mahjong Fury- Bloodbath
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Why you will love 3P Mahjong Fury:

- Non-stop Hu Bloodbath mode
- Lightning Speed Boss Event
- VIP room to play with friends
- Stunning Visual Effects
- No Fan Limits!
- Fast & Intense
- Real-time Multiplayer
- Full Table and Avatar Customization
- Play for Free


Bloodbath Mode:
Hu and Hu again in a single match! The special Bloodbath mode allows you to play on even when someone else Hus; Play till the last tile!

A. Ready State
- Once you Hu you'll have to discard a Tile and cannot change your hand after that
- You will automatically draw and discard further Tiles unless you can Kong or Hu again

B. Each player now has a Blood Meter
- You gain Blood when you Hu and lose Blood when others do
- If you run out of Blood you have to choose to Revive to stay in the match or Resign

C. Resignation & Penalty
- If 1 player resigns the game still continues until there's 1 winner left
- Players who resign will receive a score penalty


Game Rules:
Mahjong Fury follows conventional Mahjong Rules except for the following:

A. Only 84 TILES used
- 36 Number tiles, 28 Honors tiles, 16 Bonus Tiles, 4 Joker ("飛") tiles

B. Minimum FAN to Game
- To Hu, a player needs to score a minimum of 5 Fans

C. JOKERS ("飛")
- Jokers can be combined with any cards to PONG or CHOW, if discarded it adds 1 FAN to your hand
- If player subsequently draws a tile that can replace a Joker that has been used in a PONG/CHOW, the Joker will automatically be swapped with that tile
- A Joker cannot replace a tile that has already appeared 4 times in your hand

D. BOMB Multipliers

- A Bomb Multiplier is created whenever there is a KONG or a BITE
- Bombs multiply the FAN winnings of the game

- A BITE is a pair of matching Bonus tiles that gives an instant payout
-- A pair of Flower and Season of the same number
-- Cat + Rat
-- Rooster + Centipede
-- A set of four animals, flowers or seasons

F. Additional FAN Multipliers
- The Fan multiplier are as follows:
- x1 : 5 ~ 9 FANs
- x2 : 10 ~ 19
so on and so forth


Combos and Fans:
We have the most comprehensive Combo and Fan collection! Experience the never-before-seen 13 Wonders in 3 player Mahjong and many others!

50 Fans:
- 13 Wonders

40 Fans:
- 18 Arhats
- Real 9 Lanterns (111 234567 999, no Jokers)

25 Fans:
- Seven Stars (7 pairs of Honours, no Jokers)

15 Fans:
- Big Happiness (NNN SSS WWW EEE)

- Big Wheel (22334455667788, no Jokers)

10 Fans:
- 9 Lanterns
- 7 Pairs (No Jokers used)
- Small Happiness
- Flowerless
- Opening Slam
- Jokers Slam
- Hidden Treasures (need self-win)
- Heavenly Slam

- Earthly Slam
- All Honors
- 3 Dragons
- Big Winds
- 7 Flowers
- Kong Flower Hu
- Kong Kong Hu
- Triple Kong
- Last Tile

3 Fans:
- Small Dragons

- Small Winds

2 Fans:

- Suit Flush
- All Pongs

1 Fan:
- Steal Kong
- Win/Hu

- Flower
- East/South/West/North Wind
- Red/Green/White Dragon
- Hon. Terminals
- Flower Set
- All Chows
- Kong Hu
- Flower Hu


Steal Kong
- Steal your win from an opponent's Pong-Kong and the Discarder will have to pay double! You cannot steal from a Self Kong


Crashing the Dragon Gate
- Can you defeat rival challengers, unlock the 9 Dragon Gates, and become the true KING OF MAHJONG?
- Players will be rated and ranked based on ratings and chips, break through the Dragon Gates and find your match!

** This game is intended for an adult audience (18+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to gamble or win real money, cash or prizes based on gameplay. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at real money gambling or any gamble-related venture, online or offline.

This game can never be redeemed for real money, goods, or any other item of monetary value.

What's New in Version 1.1.35

- Clash of Alliances Season 3 is about to begin!
- Bug Fixes & Improvements


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