EMF Analytics Pro

EMF Analytics Pro
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A simple yet effective EMF detector! The detector is as ACCURATE as the sensor of your device.

You can use this simple application to detect EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). Which is given off by many electrical devices, power cables and even ghosts! Its suitable for paranormal investigators. And for detecting dangerous levels of EMF within your environment.

Our EMF Analytics Pro app offers more functionality and sensory data than most competitive apps. The live EMF reading is shown, as well as previous readings with the timelapse graph. You can switch between Mirotesla (uT) and Milligauss (mG) measurement units. The minimum and maximum readings or also kept on screen throughout your session on the app.

The large bright LED's with different colours will show the strength level of the EMF. Sound and vibrations can be turned on and off so you don't miss any spikes.

We have included a light option to turn your devices flashlight on and off. Which is ideal for paranormal investigations who wish to ghost hunt in the dark. X, Y, Z readings also help show the axis on which the strongest readings are being detected.

- Current EMF reading displayed
- Previous EMF readings are shown on the graph
- The minimum and maximum readings are displayed
- Toggle for Mirotesla (uT) and Milligauss (mG)
- Flashlight can be turned on and off
- Large coloured lights show EMF reading strength
- No ads
- Sound and vibration can be turned on and off
- Screen will not lock whilst in use
- Well-presented UI
- X,Y,Z axis displayed

This app uses the built-in magnetic sensor (compass) inside your device. And displays the live reading with a line of coloured LEDs, giving you a clear view of EMF levels. You can switch between units of measurement Mirotesla (uT) and Milligauss (mG) quickly and easily with a toggle button.

You can use this application to quickly measure and magnetism and electromagnetism, earths geomagnetic field, ghosts and electrical devices. It can be used as a detector for EMF, magnets, metals, ghosts and paranormal entities.

IMPORTANT: This app uses your devices built in magnetic sensor. If your phone or device does not have this sensor, the app will not display any measurements. If the readings are 0, it means that this app is not able to work on your device. Please avoid placing your phone near high voltage electrical devices like transformers, as you may damage it. Use the app at your own risk.

What's New in Version 1.1

Bug fixes


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