The Nova Era

The Nova Era
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My dear players, please forgive my selfishness, because I want to write some boring words here. Today is my lovely boy Evan's 10th birthday, and the this game the birthday gift that I promised him. But I know this is not enough at all , because what children lack is companionship... Originally, I could stay with him happily, but for my own game dream, I quit my job and left home to develop games, and I always thinking of making some special fun games. However, it backfired. I paid a heavy price for failures and setbacks again and again, and I spent less and less time with my children. Now it was even harder for me and my family to meet each other becasue of the world reason(You know it), and I gradually became a "mobile phone" father... How time flies! The child grows up in an instant, and I am far away of him... Evan, my dear son, I'm really sorry. Forgive me for not accompanying you... This game is finally released. The game is not good enough, but I spend all my everything on it just want to leavesomething to you. I just want to say: Evan, Happy Birth day!Daddy loves you very much! Now, dad is coming home! Here, I wish all children in the world can grow up happily and safely!

"The Nova Era" is a survival construction game with the theme of alien exploration.
The story takes place in the future, the earth's resources will be exhausted, and human beings have to find a new home. After long-term research by scientists, they finally found a planet suitable for human survival. This planet is Proxima b.
The radiation on Proxima b will have a bad effect on the human body, adults cannot survive under the radiation of Proxima b. However, scientists have found that children are not affected by the radiation. Players will play as a child who goes to explore Proxima b, and need to build fortifications and use powerful weapons to resist the attack of bugs and complete difficult tasks.


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