Mafia Pride

Mafia Pride
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To those on the outside, you might just seem like your average college student. No one would expect that you are really the heir of a large mafia organization.
But it’s not all gang fights and danger, living a double life has become second nature to you. Knowing who to keep close, and who to keep at a distance… You start to wonder, can you even trust yourself? You thread the line with a tricky balance between normalcy and secrets.
A tussle with another large mafia group ignites the gunpowder of a full-blown war, one that has been simmering over the years, like a beast dwelling in the underground of the city you call home.
Powerless and powerful, love and betrayal, friends to foe - there are two sides to every story.
In between a clash among leaders, will you be the one to stand up and fight or cower in fear for your safety?

Senior in college and honor student. On track to receive scholarship for graduate school, and graduate at the top of her class.
Doesn't really like being daughter of mafia boss, but admits that father’s group is functioning well to keep order of town, especially after defeating Speld and allying with Deia several years ago.
Strong sense of justice, good command of fighting, more courageous than ordinary men.
Rather aggressive and straightforward; sometimes confronts her friends/members, but is liked anyway for her honesty.
Both hates and loves mafias, though doesn't necessarily advocate for them.

After being saved by MC A a few years ago during an attack by Speld, she came to learn MC A's secret, and supported her.
Lives with her aunt, Lily, who runs the diner, but often stays with MC A in their mansion.
The only person in school/outside of the mafia who knows MC A's true identity.


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