Master Car Stunts: Stunt Car

Master Car Stunts: Stunt Car
  • Publisher: Gui Studios
  • Genre: Sports
  • Released: 14 Mar, 2023
  • Size: 315.5 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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Have you ever seen ROBOTIC CAR STUNT MASTER? Most probably not. You might have seen many offroad racing games and stunt car extreme games separately. But now, here is a mixture of both games in just one car racing climb game! Yes, here you are going to experience hill dash, mini racing, hot wheel stunts, high jumping over deep oceans, car racing climb, sharp turns, ride-or-die challenges, and so much more. Collect all coins, cross through the checkpoints, and save your car from the hurdles on the go to complete the level in minimal time. Less the more time spent, the more will be the reward! Be a HILL CLIMBER and try an adventurous speed racing game now. This racing climb game provides extreme terrain for a long route.
To catch the player’s attention in mini-racing, a very attractive and energetic home page has been designed with hill climb racing. Experience hot wheel stunts with a combination of a robot with a car on extreme terrain. All the hot wheel stunts racing cars with their respective details have also been mentioned. Players can have a look at the trial hill dash game before getting into it as it’s a ride-or-die game! In a trial of the racing climb game, a complete trial level has been played for a better understanding of the player. Hence, you are able to complete extreme terrain in less time period. So, jump into the first level of the Car racing climb and speed racing game now and win the racing game tracks.
In addition, here we are going to discuss some of the features and opportunities which are being offered in car stunt master driving games.
Stunt car game offers a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED BUNDLE: Unlock everything! special discount of more than 50% on ALL ITEMS! It includes unlocking all levels of the racing climb game, unlocking all cars, removing all advertisements, and also earning 5000 coins on your purchase. Do not miss this astonishing offer, LIMITED TIME OFFER, and avail this opportunity right now with no limit 2!
UNLOCK SPECIFIC PACKS of hill climber driving games: city cars pack, muscle cars pack, sports cars pack, special cars pack, unlock all levels pack.
Learn epic car driving skills and experience unlimited levels.
REMOVE ADDS: In addition, if you only want to remove ads during the car stunt master game to avoid distractions, you can avail of this offer too in a limited amount.
FREE COINS: In the beginning, free coins are rewarded to start up stunt car extreme.
SOUND: Hill climb racing sound in the background, relative to the speed, and energy of the player.
Fastest speed racing game!
REWARD: On completing each level of the stunt car game. A total of air rewards, time rewards, and level rewards has been calculated and added to your rewards bucket.
RATINGS: At the end of no limit 2 racing games, you can rate the game or give feedback about how you liked it or what changes you think must be done.
Show your epic car driving skills on the track and become a hill climber. Another feature in almost all of the car-driving games that occur is, HOW TO TAKE TURNS? Whether with the left and right arrows, the appearance of the steering wheel, or through the rotation of mobile phones. This stunt car game has all these options; you can choose whatever is feasible. Before getting onto the track of hill dash and experiencing stunt car extreme, do select your car while considering its acceleration, power, handling, and NDS. It can be a sports car, city car, special car, or muscle car. This offroad racing game allows different numbers of coins along with various car packs.
Epic car driving OFFLINE FEATURE! Yes, this game is available offline too. Once you have downloaded these mega hill climb and offroad racing games on your phones, then there is no need to worry, no matter where you are, just pick up your phone and start achieving levels one after the other. Challenge your family and friends now with outstanding no-limit 2 mini racing stunts and high jumps on the go!


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