Make Your Own Biz Board Game

Make Your Own Biz Board Game
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Business DIY is a Custom Board Game Maker. Design & Print your own Business-style game Template. Customize everything in your board game, from properties to currency. Print and play with friends and family !

Create your own Board game:
With this app, you can design your own board game that is similar to Business, but with your own custom properties, currency and more. The app allows you to customize every aspect of the game to make it truly unique. Whether you want to create a game based on a real-world location, or come up with your own fantasy world, the possibilities are endless.

Customizable properties:
You can give custom names to the properties, change their color to make them look like real-world locations. This feature allows you to personalize the game and make it more meaningful to you and your friends and family. You can also set custom prices for each property and create your own set of rules.

Customizable currency:
You can choose from a variety of currencies such as dollars, euros or rupees, or you can even upload your own images to make the currency notes look like real-world money. This feature allows you to make the game more realistic and engaging. You can also set custom denominations for the currency notes and coins.

Various Board Size:
The app offers 3 different board sizes, small, medium and large, each of them will give you an unique experience of a board game. This feature allows you to choose a board size that best fits your needs and preferences. Whether you want a small board for a quick game or a large board for a more epic experience, the app has you covered.

Print and share:
Once you've designed your game, you can export it to a PDF file and share it with friends and family. The PDF will also include templates for the dice, houses and characters, so you can make your own using the printed templates and use them in the game. This feature allows you to create a physical version of the game and play it with friends and family.

Additional features:
The app also allows you to save your game designs and access them later. You can also share your game designs with others and play with them.
This app is perfect for game night with friends and family. It's a great way to bond and have fun together. It's also a great way to relive the nostalgia of playing a classic board game. With this app, you can create your own version of the game that's unique to you and your loved ones.

The houses and characters that are printed will be converted to an origami style 3d house and 3d characters. This is achieved by paper folding and paper cutting. This will be great activity for kids and parents to spend some quality time. You will be making the game that you will be playing for ever !

Paper Craft
Our app is perfect for anyone who loves paper crafts and wants to create their own unique game. This will be a great project you can work on with your friends and family. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to create and customize your game, and our built-in print function allows you to bring your game to life in no time.
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* Customize
* Custom DIY Board game
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* Currency
* Properties
* Templates
* Dice
* Houses
* Characters

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