Jazz Guitar Chords by Ear

Jazz Guitar Chords by Ear
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Jazz Guitar is the pinnacle of guitar playing. Not only is it one of the most challenging guitar artforms in terms of techniques, memorization and musical ear, it is also used to supercharge guitar skills in all the other genres just because it is operating on levels 2 or 3 orders more complex, than your typical music, which becomes very quickly very easy in comparison.

Learning jazz guitar used to be a very difficult chore…

No more with Jazz Guitar Chords by Ear!

In this app you have 200+ jazz guitar chords: major, minor, 6th, 9th, 13th, diminished, altered - all of them introduced gradually in a course of each practice session. Not only do you learn them organically, training your ear to hear them and distinguish them, you also create an overall very strong knowledge and understanding of the fretboard, as jazz chords are functioning very much like many simultaneous scales!

In this app your understanding of this challenging topic is made so seamless and organic - it is hard to believe this could be as simple - for us also. You gain working knowledge of all the jazz chords under your fingers with instant possibility to play them in any context you want. This is a true revolution in jazz guitar learning and guitar learning in general. Never has learning sophisticated chords, moreover by ear, been so simple! Not only will you train your fingers, you will also train your ear in the most organic, fun and inspiring way possible - while actually playing your guitar! No one can stop you from mixing and matching rhythms and adding licks here and there to make your learning session even more like a real jazz improvisation - assisted by our app playing natural sounding jazz progressions, much like can happen in a context of a real jazz jam by, say, a pianist.

This app is meant to be reinforced by another our app - Jazz Guitar by Ear, which focuses on the scales. You can also download the Notes by Ear app to learn notes and boost you understanding of sheet music and Guitar Sight Reading app to reinforce the notes actually on your guitar - it will become so easy to read melodies, you will become a competent well rounded jazz musician in the shortest time possible, we are talking weeks instead of years! All thanks to our revolutionary method and advancements made possible by IT-technologies to have such ingenious learning tool at all times in your pocket! We guarantee - after starting using this app your guitar life and musical life in general will be dramatically divided by “before” and “after”.


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