Ace Fishing: Crew - Idle RPG

Ace Fishing: Crew - Idle RPG
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From the thrill of control to the joy of combining!
Experience all the fun at once with Ace Fishing: Crew!

1. Embrace the real feel of fishing through accurate controls and specialized haptic vibrations!
Experience the authentic sensation of real fishing implemented in the game.
From setting the hook to controlling the reel according to the fish's movement!
Immerse yourself in the authentic fishing experience on your mobile through finely tuned vibrations.

2. Sell the fish you catch to collect currencies to grow your crew members.
Use the fish you catch for menu development and food research to boost your restaurant's "Gold" profitability,
or sell them at the Market to get "Type Coins" to grow your crew members.
Make your crew members stronger through a variety of earning content.

3. Compete with players from around the world and show off your fishing skills
You can compete with players worldwide in fishing competitions with simple automatic controls.
Monitor the real-time updated rankings and aim for higher positions to earn more rewards.

4. Seek the perfect crew member combination to conquer higher stages.
- In Ace Fishing: Crew, you can combine crew members to go fishing to fishing hotspots worldwide.
Find the most efficient crew member combination with diverse types and skills, and challenge new areas!
The efficiency of stage conquest varies based on the type of crew members and fish, and area (Seawater/Freshwater).

5. Add more dimensions to your fishing experience with a variety of crew members’ skills.
- Utilize each crew member's skills to strategize your fishing.
Aim for a "big shot" with skills that can cause significant damage at once, or engage in intense battles using debuff skills like stunning!
Enjoy a fishing experience tailored to your chosen strategy.


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What's New in Version 1.6.0

[ v1.6.0 Update]
- Mediterranean Sea New Area Added
- Crew Member MAX Level Increased
- Crew Member Combination System Added
- QoL Improved & Bug Fixed


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