C Keyboard - Customize Keys

C Keyboard - Customize Keys
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C Keyboard: A keyboard that can define various keys.

= = = Product Features = = =

【May Custom Keyboard】You can add the keyboard you want, such as: emoji, special symbols, emoji, numbers, promotional copy, daily English, search engines and other keyboard categories
【Diversified Keys】Supports various buttons such as ordinary text, application jump, search engine, webpage bookmarks, continuous sending (repeater machine), echo, telephone, email, etc.
【Key History】Record the most recently used keys, making it more convenient to visit
【Line Break Key】Freely switch the newline button to meet the user's input newline needs
【Auto Return】Turn on the automatic return, click the normal text button to automatically send the content
【Keyboard Height Customization】Customize the keyboard height to display more useful keys
【Show Recent Keyboard】Record the most recently accessed keyboards and automatically switch the next time you use them
【Theme Follow】Appearance follows the dark and light color mode of the system

= = = Key Introduction = = =

【App Jump】Customize various URL Scheme/Universal Link events (scan on WeChat, hot search on Weibo, etc.)
【Normal text】The content of the button is arbitrary, and the color text? Emoticons? Special characters? Internet connection? Japanese Kana? all can
【Search engine】Please allow full access, automatically obtain the clipboard content and search for the content according to the set search engine, such as: copy "Ghost Slayer", click the bilibili search engine, and you can go to bilibili to search
【Webpage Bookmarks】Visit the set webpage through the built-in Safari browser, and read novels? watch video? All can be implemented within the keyboard, no need to jump to other applications
【Phone】Suddenly want to call someone? Just click the green dial button
【Email】Send an urgent email. Just click easily, you can jump to the mail APP
【Echo]】What? Can you still play like this? Just type a piece of text and he will automatically send the echoed content:

【Looping】Nothing matters. Say important things three times or n times, you decide how many times to send, such as 5 times in a row:
I am a genius
I am a genius
I am a genius
I am a genius
I am a genius

= = = Tips = = =

【1】How to enable C Keyboard?
1. Add keyboard: After installation, go to System Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add New Keyboard and select “C Keyboard" to add, then click C Keyboard -> Enable [Allow Full Access] -> Done
2. Start the keyboard: open any input box -> long press the globe button to select a C Keyboard, you can use it

【2】What should I do if the C Keyboard cannot be found in the keyboard list?
Due to the system cache, the C Keyboard may not be displayed. Please restart the app that needs to use the input method or go to System -> Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboard to delete the C Keyboard, and then add the C Keyboard again, or restart the device.

【3】How to adjust the keyboard height?
Open any input box -> keyboard select 「C Keyboard」 -> click the「」button in the upper right corner of the keyboard to adjust

【4】Allow Full Access to the keyboard is a better experience:
① The App Jump logo can be displayed normally
② You can use web bookmarks normally
③ You can use the search engine normally

【5】About turning on 「Allow Full Access」
The C Keyboard will not collect any user sensitive information. For a better experience, please enable the 「Allow Full Access」 keyboard

= = = Contact us = = =

We are always listening, always answering questions and looking forward to your feedback
Open the C Keyboard -> enter the settings interface -> click on feedback -> submit your ideas

What's New in Version 1.2

- Added New Keys: App Jump, Search Engine, Webpage Bookmark, Phone, Email, Echo, Repeat Send
- Added Key vibration effect
- Added Line Break Key (can be displayed and hidden manually)
- Fix known bugs and optimize experience


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