Guess The Surah by Emoji

Guess The Surah by Emoji
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Time to put your knowledge of The Quran and the Prophets to the test! Enjoy as you sharpen and add to your knowledge of Islam with this sweet GUESS THE SURAH QUIZ GAME! You're gifted a whooping 500 coins to kick start the quiz! Want to guess the Surah by emoji or want to guess the prophet by emoji ? Or even want to listen to a Surah recitation and then guess the Surah name ? Look no further as this Islamic quiz game got you covered!

There are Five (5) available categories in this Islamic Quiz game and they're as follows:
i) BY EMOJI : In this category, you'll be greeted with an emoji or group of emojis and you're to guess the Surah within 5 seconds! This category is suitable for beginners as the questions are about Quran Surah Names only and aren't quite hard.
ii) WELL VERSED : Think you're comprehensively knowledgeable about The Quran ? Well find out how many rounds you can win in this category. Here, you'll listen (make sure your volume is up!) to a certain verse of The Quran and you're to guess which Surah that verse comes from. With over 6000 verses in The Glorious Quran, this won't an easy guess but isn't unbeatable either. To help you get along, you've a grace of 20 seconds to answer and you're to choose from only 3-options instead of four. To make it even more guessable, some questions have the Surah Arabic text displayed along with the audio recitation of the Arabic text.
iii) HAFIZ : Think you know the Koran by heart ? Try this category. It is similar to category (ii) however the number of options is four not three. You've 25 seconds to answer. Good luck!
iv) PROPHETS : Guess the prophet by emoji. Sweet and easy category for every muslim to try! Prophet of the well, the prophet swallowed by fish, the prophet that heard the ant, the prophet thrown in the fire...know this type of questions? The likes of them are included in this category but in emoji form! Make your guess within 5 seconds!
v) MASTER : Think you're extremely knowledgeable and well acquainted with The Isam and The Quran? Then this category is for you! This is a master category containing all the questions from the other categories but in randomized order and uniqueness! You've got 15 seconds to answer a question.

The Quiz Play:
Start the app, select your preferred language from the available languages supported by the app, then select a category and enter! Once you're in and not out of coins, the first question will greet you. If you answer correctly, your choice will be marked green, green "correct!" message will show and 10 coins will be added to your balance! If you answer incorrectly, the choice is marked red, red "Incorrect!" message will show and 5 coins will be deducted from your balance. If you fail to make a choice until the counter runs out however, all options will be grayed and you won't be able to make a choice. In this situation, you can either go to the next question or click the bulb to reveal the correct answer for 10 coins.

Each round has five (5) questions. You'll be asked five-five unique set of questions until all questions in the selected category are exhausted then questions will repeat. The questions display happens in random order every time!! Finish a round and see your score in the scoreboard!

Application Features:
- Play without internet connection
- Multilingual support. The app currently supports the following languages:
Chinese Simplified
Uzbek Arabic

More Coins: If you run out of coins, you can buy more from within the app to continue playing. Shall you delete the app and reinstall it again on the same device, your coin balance will still be available.

If you enjoy the quiz, please consider sharing it with your family and friends. Thank you!


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