NeoServer - Docker·SSH·SFTP

NeoServer - Docker·SSH·SFTP
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NeoServer manages your servers via SSH without additional software installation. It supports terminal remote connections, multi-server script execution, container management, SFTP file management, and common performance data display.

◉ Free Features:
◦ Supports SFTP browsing of server files, allowing editing (with syntax highlighting for common languages), renaming, deletion, viewing file size and permissions, uploading and downloading files, etc.
◦ Supports running scripts and viewing historical records. It also allows batch execution on server groups or multiple servers.
◦ Displays server parameters and monitoring status, including CPU, memory, disk, and network metrics, with widgets for visualization.
◦ Uptime, system load over 1/5/15 minutes.
◦ CPU temperature, CPU model, CPU usage rate.
◦ Disk, IOPS, I/O Wait, read/write speed, total read/write size.
◦ Network, upload/download speed, total upload/download size. Click for network card details, IP binding, and network card UP/DOWN status.
◦ Supports SSH remote connection with copy, paste, special keyboard functionality in Terminal. It supports initializing shell scripts upon connection, tmux for session recovery, command line auto-completion, and double-click to trigger TAB.
◦ Displays the process list with PID, User, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Command, and Status, with the ability to sort by header and send specified kill signals.
◦ Supports Docker/Podman container management, viewing container logs and inspection information, restarting, pausing, deleting containers, and managing container images.
◦ iOS 17 Widgets.
◦ Supports SSH server configuration, including password and key. Supports jump hosts/bastion servers, and SOCKS5 connections to corporate intranets.
◦ Supports iCloud synchronization (using private iCloud space), FaceID to unlock the app.
◦ Apple multiplatform support: iOS/macOS, iPadOS.

◉ Premium Version
◦ The free version has all features; the premium version supports managing three or more servers.

◉ NeoServer is popular among NAS (Synology, TrueNAS, QNAP, FreeNAS) players, self-hosting enthusiasts, website master, and developers.

◉ Feedback and issues contact: [email protected].

◉ Data Privacy:

All data is stored on your device. NeoServer does not transmit data over the network to any servers outside of your configured servers, nor does it engage in any third-party statistics or advertising connections.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

What's New in Version 5.8.5

Optimize iPad user experience.


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