Lives Of The Prophets

Lives Of The Prophets
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The Lives of the Prophets is a series of lectures delivered to cover the stories of the prophets. It is the first such series produced in the English language. Extensive research in the original Arabic resources has been done to make this series possible. The series is based primarily on Ibn Kathir's " Al-Bidayah wa-nihayah (The Beginning and the End)". Br. Al-Awlaki has done an excellent job of relying almost completely on the Quran, Hadith and statements of the Noble Companions.

The Prophets in Islam were extraordinary individuals sent by Allah to various communities for the purpose of being exemplary role models to inspire and spread the message of Islam. The Qur’an mentions 25 Prophets by name but it is believed there were many more as the Qur’an states, “And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger” (Surah Nahl Ayat 16).

Teach your children prophet stories to build their character and build Islamic virtue of humility.

App contents:
Stories of the Prophets audio :
01. Introduction - Story Of Creation
02. Prophet Adam (A.S) النبي آدم
03. Prophet Sheeth (A.S) النبي شيث
04. Prophet Idris-Enoch (A.S) النبي ادريس
05. Prophet Nuh-Noah (A.S) النبي نوح
06. Prophet Hud (A.S) النبي هود
07. Prophet Saleh (A.S) النبي صالح
08. Prophet Ibrahim-Abraham (A.S) النبي ابراهيم
09. Prophet Lut (A.S) النبي لوت
10. Prophet Shuaib (A.S) النبي شعيب
11. Prophet Yusuf-Joseph (A.S) النبي يوسف
12. Prophet Ayyub-Job (A.S) النبي أيوب
13. Prophet Yunus-Jonah (A.S) النبي يونس
14. Prophet Musa-Moses (A.S) النبي موسى
15. Prophet Yusha-Joshua (A.S) النبي يوشع
16. Prophet Dawood-David (A.S) النبي داود
17. Prophet Sulaiman-Solomon (A.S) النبي سليمان
18. Maryam alaihasSalam (Mary The Mother of Jesus) مريم عليها السلام
19. Prophet Zakaria (A.S) النبي زكريا
20. Prophet Yahya-John (A.S) النبي يحيى
21. Prophet Isah-Jesus (A.S) النبي عيسى
22. Closing Points End of series

Lives of the prophets in written form, well categorized and broken into sub-topics for easy reading, referencing and favoriting. They are as follows:
1. Prophet Adam (A.S) - Adam
2. Prophet Idris (A.S) - Enoch
3. Prophet Nuh (A.S) - Noah
4. Prophet Hud (A.S) - Hud
5. Prophet Salih (A.S) - Saleh
6. Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) - Abraham
7. Prophet Ismail (A.S) - Ishmael
8. Ishaaq (A.S), Yaqub (A.S), Isaac and Jacob
9. Prophet Lut (A.S) - Lot
10. Prophet Shuaib (A.S) - Shuaib
11. Prophet Yusuf (A.S) - Joseph
12. Prophet Ayyub (A.S) - Job
13. Prophet Dhul-Kifl (A.S) - Dhu al-Kifl
14. People of Ar-Rass - Ar-Rass
15. People of Antioch - Antioch
16. Prophet Yunus (A.S) - Jonah
17. Prophet Musa (A.S) - Moses
18. Prophet Hisqeel (A.S) - Ezekiel
19. Prophet Ilyas (A.S) - Elisha
20. Prophet Shammil (A.S) - Samuel
21. Prophet Dawud (A.S) - David
22. Prophet Sulaiman (A.S) - Solomon
23. Prophet Isaiah (A.S) - Shia
24. Prophet Aramaya (A.S) - Jeremiah
25. Prophet Daniyal (A.S) - Daniel
26. Prophet Uzair (A.S) - Ezra
27. Prophet Zakariya (A.S) - Zechariah
28. Prophet Yahya (A.S) - John
29. Prophet Isa (A.S) - Jesus
30. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

What is the purpose of the stories of the prophets?
The stories of the prophets were not mentioned in order to give plain information about history or to narrate stories of the past. They were narrated in order to teach believers something and make them draw lessons from various events. One of the important reasons why the stories of the prophets are mentioned in the Quran is to console and strengthen all of the believers, primarily the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and to threaten the unbelievers with torture.

What is the purpose of the stories of Prophets in the Qur'an? Why are they incomplete (except for the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS).
Short Answer: Quranic narrations of events in the lives of the prophets are like illuminating relevant scenes from their lives, so that future generations can derive good lessons from them. This means the stories of the prophets are not meant as their biographies.


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