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The Al-Douri 'an Abi 'Amr recitation (Arabic: رواية الدوري عن أبي عمرو, lit. 'Transmission of al-Douri from Abi 'Amr') is a riwayah of the Quran, transmitted by al-Douri from the Qiraʼat of Abu 'Amr ibn al-'Ala' al-Basri. In this app you'll find full Quran offline voice of sheikh Noreen Muhammad Siddiq mp3

The Qiraʼat are different linguistic, lexical, phonetic, morphological and syntactical forms permitted with reciting the Quran. Differences between Qira'at are slight and include varying rules regarding the prolongation, intonation, and pronunciation of words, but also differences in stops, vowels, consonants, leading to different pronouns and verb forms, and less frequently, entire words.

Each of the ten Qira'at has two riwayat (sing: riwayah), which, although different from each other, are both considered acceptable ways to read the Quran.

The riwayah of the Quran that is in "general use" throughout most of the Muslim world today is that of Ḥafṣ on the authority of `Asim (Ḥafṣ being the Rawi, or "transmitter", and `Asim being the Qari or "reader"). However, the riwayah of Al-Douri 'an Abi 'Amr (the subject of this article) is dominant in Sudan and East Africa, and the riwayah of Warsh 'an Nafi' dominant in North (except Libya, where Qalun 'an Nafi' is dominant, Egypt, where the aforementioned Hafs is dominant, and Sudan, as described above) and West Africa. Download this Norain Muhammad Quran to listen the aldouri riwayah. Qari Nureen Sudan may Allah grant him Al-Jannatul Firdaus ameen.

The riwayah is transmitted by Hafs al-Douri, on the authority of Yahya al-Yazidi, on the authority of Abu 'Amr ibn al-'Ala' al-Basri, from Mujahid ibn Jabr, from Abdullah ibn Abbas, from Ubayy ibn Ka'b, from the Prophet Muhammad. In this app, the reciter Noreen Mohammad Siddiq (first name also spelled Norayn, Nurain, Nureyn, last name also spelled Siddig or Siddique) a Sudanese imam recited the entire Quran in alduri style of reading The Quran.

The riwayah employs taqlil and imalah, differentiating it from the well-known Hafs recitation although this a fairly common characteristic between most recitations.

Historically, the riwayah was the most popular in the mashriq, i.e. the eastern Islamic world. However, largely due to Ottoman influence, the Hafs recitation spread in these regions and the al-Douri recitation is now confined to Somalia, east Africa and some parts of Sudan.


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