Multispectral Camera

Multispectral Camera
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The 'Multispectral Camera' can record almost the entire spectrum of light if you use an appropriate filter. Infrared, UV, ND filter (sun/solar eclipse), sunset, night. The app has been adapted for each situation and you can adjust many settings manually: tone level, temperature in Kelvin, saturation, EV, white balance (RGB), exposure time. The original image, the edited image and a black/white version are displayed for preview. All 3 images can be saved.

Infrared: Use an IR filter from 500 to 760nm. The image initially appears red/reddish/brown. With a red/blue channel swap, this becomes a usable image, with the sky becoming blue. Continue adjusting the sliders. Infrared photography creates dream-like, surreal images.

UV: Use a UV filter and experiment with different settings.

ND: To photograph the sun or solar eclipse directly, use an ND filter with high values, the best is a special solar filter or a variable, adjustable filter.

Sunset/Sunrise: No filter is required here, but the app adds a dark gradient from the top to the middle of the image.

Sky: "Sky" the sky is photographed here. Use a yellow filter and highlight contrasts. Clouds appear more intense. This filter is mostly used in black and white photography.

Night: No filter is required here either. The exposure time of the cameras is extended to obtain a brighter image. Additionally, the image is colored green.

- Select camera: Ultrawide, Wide, Telephoto, Front
- Aspect ratio for saving: 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9, 5:1
- Temperature, Tone, Saturation, EV, White Balance
- LED (flashlight) switchable
- Lowlight mode
- Zoom with 2 fingers or slider
- for infrared and UV: channel mix red/blue swap
- Save to photo album: original, edit image and black/white image.
- Reset button for default settings


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