Count stickman: Master Run 3D

Count stickman: Master Run 3D
  • Publisher: Luong Vuong
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Released: 7 Apr, 2024
  • Size: 165.1 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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The rules of count stickman game are very easy:
You will start running from a stickman. During the 3D running, choose the most reasonable gate to increase the number of stickman. Can you a master this counting game? Choose your strategy and challenge new level every day.
The 3D race is more interesting than you think! Beautiful stickman graphics and colorful racing. All you need to do is avoid obstacles on the way, increase the number of stickmen and boss battles.
Count Stickman’s features:
- Visual movement of stick figures through screen interaction. Can you control a whole army with just one finger? It's indeed fascinating!
- Colorful 3D graphics.
- Relaxing music and sound effects. Enjoy the soothing sounds in the game.
- Dynamic skybox race tracks. Challenge yourself on floating and faster race tracks.
- Clear gameplay progression. In each world, you need to surpass 8 levels and battle 2 dangerous big bosses. Your stickman counting skills will be upgraded. Conquer the calculation gates, and we'll conquer new lands.
Do you have the confidence to control 3D stickman army to overcome obstacles on the track and emerge victorious?.Keep going, run faster, and activate your impressive calculation skills.
Ready? Start your the adventure!


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