8 Utterly (Un)Realistic Runs from Dubai Drift 2

By , on June 19, 2015
Last modified 8 years, 12 months ago

Frankly, Dubai Drift should have been called Cars on Ice from the start - the way in which its vehicles slip and slide resembles nothing so much as a figure skater going for the gold. But since realism is unnecessary when a game’s this fun, I wholly encourage forgetting about gravity, friction, and everything else that can obstruct one’s path to the perfect drift.

So here’s a showcase of what the very best can do with the tools Dubai Drift provides - namely, an alternate universe in which the laws of physics do not exist. As usual, post your own exploits below, but only if they’re spectacular.

In real life, pickup trucks do spinny front wheelies all the time!

In real life, pickup trucks do whatever this is literally 0% of the time!

There's no cap to this guy’s awesomeness.

Way to stick the landing.

Because… physics.

This stage looks super fun, if only in a horrifically glitchy way.

Traction's for losers. So is safety. So is living.

But can he do a triple axel?