8 epic and entertaining exploits from Krashlander

By , on July 4, 2015

Krashlander's a weird one to write about - its controls are awkward and unpredictable, but the game itself is quite enjoyable to watch. In fact, while the unreliability of its mechanisms often makes playing Krashlander an exercise in frustration, said lack of control actually enhances the visual aspect. Most victories happen accidentally, and failures are just as amusing.

That's why I've chosen a few of Krashlander's most unintentional triumphs - and spine-shattering disasters, of course - for this week's feature. Feel free to offer your own exploits in the comments; just don't claim you did anything on purpose, you fibber.

'Snow problem, just ski-ep trying!

Physics-based gameplay? Yeah, right…

You know what they say - third time's the harm.

More like reservoir skills!

I don't know about you, but my definition of "winning" does not include hurting myself.

All those fancy tricks sure proved useful in the end! Wait… nope.

Rejected. Denied. Rebuffed. Declined. Repulsed. Dismissed.

Backflip, no skis? You got it!