7 sometimes skillful runs from Crossy Road

By , on July 4, 2015

Although some would argue otherwise, it’s not as though all free-to-play titles are terrible; it’s just that the vast majority do terrible things with the monetisation that means they turn out stinking worse than a dead skunk covered in rotten eggs.

Thankfully, Crossy Road does not belong to that highly malodorous category, and is blessedly devoid of paywalls, timers, or ludicrous $100 in-app purchases.

It also doesn’t hurt that Crossy Road is strong in both the visual and gameplay departments, making it an entertaining choice for replay-watching - a quality which is amply demonstrated in the videos below. As always, go ahead and post your own in the comments.

I’ve just been crushed by a train! Fly, you fools!

That’s some high score, kid.

To get to the other tide! HA!

Please just die already.

It’s always the water that gets ‘em.

Please just die already (part II).

He got that far only through shear wool-power.

EXTRA: And now for the real gameplay…