8 exhilarating escapades from Snuggle Truck

By , on July 25, 2015

Snuggle Truck is a memorable iOS game, and not just because of its cutesy physics-based gameplay - it was actually one of the first high-profile apps to fall afoul of Apple’s review board. The reason? Snuggle Truck was once known as Smuggle Truck, and formerly involved trafficking illegal immigrants across the border. Yay, political controversy!

Well, regardless of whether you’re transporting stuffed animals or, uh, live animals, one fact can’t be denied: this game is darn good fun. Here’s a few clips that’ll prove that point; and as usual, there’s space for your own exploits in the comments.

Catching Fuzzies I

Catching Fuzzies II

Dude! My CPU just exploded!

Dude! My entire computer just exploded!

Temporarily stumped

And now, it’s a truck full of badly-scuffed animals.

Hooray for level editors! So creative!

YES! He’s over the… nope.