7 cranium-crashing clashes from Drive Ahead!

By , on August 8, 2015

Although Rocket League’s vehicular antics have re-popularized the car-sports genre, acrobatics and automobiles can't really be called an uncommon pairing. On the contrary, developers have always exulted in combining motor vehicles with completely unrealistic physics engines - a trend which is gleefully continued on iOS by Drive Ahead!

Featuring gladiatorial car-combat and single-screen multiplayer, Drive Ahead! more than merits a download, and it’s entirely free to boot. Use the replays below as an impetus to pick it up; or, if you’ve already done so, just revel in the spine-snappage instead. As usual, your own videos are more than welcome in the comments.

It’s always better to never try.

Either they both suck, or neither of them is any good.

What the heck smacked him?

Ew, imagine the inside of that helmet…

This - is - CAR-TA!! (Please don’t sue me)

…And that, kiddos, is when I became a certified excavator badass™.

Send help. Please.