10 diabolically difficult replays from Geometry Dash

By , on August 15, 2015

Although our fascination with tough games dates back to the origins of gaming itself, there’s been a “difficulty renaissance” of late - just look at Super Hexagon, Pivvot, and Impossible Road, all of which are painfully challenging. But Geometry Dash takes the sub-genre one step further: it includes a level editor, which - rather predictably - has spawned madness.

When coupled with the inventive brutality of its players, Geometry Dash’s rhythm-based auto-scrolling really comes into its own, as demonstrated by the following runs. If you've got the chops to top these, post your own replays in the comments.

The music is awesome, but you probably won’t hear much of it.

What’s really impressive is that he did it in six tries.

It’s not the level that’s demonic - it’s the designer.

Whoa, better find those anti-nausea pills.

But at least you’ll explode stylishly!

0/10, add more saws.

Wow, only a total loser dies in invisible mode.

“Does it need that many spikes?” “Umm… yes?”

Ouch, right in the retina.

Best for last! Heh heh heh…