8 gorgeous goals from Tiki Taka Soccer

By , on August 29, 2015

There are a whole bunch of soccer games on the App Store, but not all of them are as well-suited to touchscreen devices as Tiki Taka Soccer is. This surprisingly deep title dodges the clunkiness of a virtual joypad by incorporating a swipe-and-tap control scheme, which works pretty well. And though micro-transactions can get bothersome, recent balancing patches have done a lot to make them less necessary.

Ultimately Tiki Taka Soccer’s a game of moments: curve shots, headers, and long-distance goals all feel brilliant to execute, and are just as enjoyable to watch. I’ve found ample proof of that last statement; if you're inclined to add more, do so in the comments.

If that happened to me, I’d go postal.

Don’t blame the goalie - he was busy playing with the turf.

Aw yeah, first try!

Curling is the key to everything. Said no one ever.

Imagine if that happened in real life. The shame…

Well, that didn’t take long.

Curvier than a snake in a fishbowl. 

Defenders, what a useless lot.


Editor's Note: Tiki Taka Soccer has featured a billboard for AppSpy in the game since launch.