11 radical replays that highlight Terraria’s variety

By , on September 5, 2015

Though it’s often hailed as a two-dimensional Minecraft, it would be unjust to call Terraria a clone. Among other factors, its focus on combat differentiates this game from its voxel-based cousin. And despite the presence of a few rough edges - namely, the frequently floaty controls - Terraria’s spin on the survival sandbox genre is thoroughly enjoyable.

Terraria’s generally high entertainment value can be attributed to the variety in its gameplay, a feature easily demonstrated by the following clips. And as always, whether you’re a pixel artist or a slime-slaughterer, feel free to post your own feats in the comments.

The stars certainly weren’t aligned for that chap.


Aww, slimes are so cute! Now die.


Yay, more slime-slaying!


This game has it all - even tower defense.


That’s pump-kind of awesome.


And after you spend hours building stuff, be sure to blow it all up.


I wonder why he’s so ungrateful… never mind, time for my daily turkey sandwich.


The power of hatred gives it wings.


Such shiny, many sunglasses needed.


“Cool base, bro.” “Yeah, it’s rather nice.”


Bunnies and dynamite, a tasteful and sophisticated combination.