Finished with Pokemon GO? Here are 5 more top AR games

By , on July 26, 2016

We doubt you are done with Pokemon GO just yet, but with reports of the first gamer to 'catch 'em all' filtering through, you might be before too long.

The good news for those bitten by the Pokemon bug (there are multiple types, you know) is that there are a whole bunch of traditional Pokemon games to get your teeth into, such as Pokemon X and Y on the Nintendo 3DS.

But what about if it was the whole mobile augmented reality (AR) edge that you loved about Pokemon GO? We have just the AR game alternatives for you.



Let's start with the biggest and most obvious next step for Pokemon GO fans: Ingress. It was built by the team behind Pokemon GO, Niantic. Indeed, while Pokemon GO might look all cute and cuddly, it's actually built on the solid foundations of Ingress. This time, though, there's a rich science fiction story to follow, as you vie with rival factions for control of your city.

AR Defender 2

AR Defender

AR Defender 2 is actually little more than a solid tower defence game - think Fieldrunners - but with a cute augmented reality twist. Using your phone's camera, you can play out each battle on your dining table, lawn, or any other suitable surface. If the way Pokemon GO's pokeballs appear rattle and settle in the real world is what floats your boat, this a fun next step.



Imagine if, rather than going out to search for digital creatures, you went out and looked for real treasure. That's pretty much the premise of Geocaching, which is probably the most ambitious and far reaching of these games, in many ways. Is it an AR app, though? Not in the Pokemon GO 'graphics layered over real world' sense, but the tight mixture of digital information and real life navigation means we're happy to include it.

The Walk

The Walk

Perhaps you like the fact that Pokemon GO gets you out exercising, and you could take or leave the light gaming elements. If so, you should probably check out The Walk. Once started, it tracks the amount of steps you take, and applies that data to the progress of a protagonist on the in-game 2D map. Various milestones then unlock the next section of its specially written audio play. The story itself is a fairly conventional espionage tale, but the tie-in with your real world movements makes it all the more interesting.

Clandestine: Anomaly


Of course, some Pokemon GO players couldn't give two hoots about the exercise and real world exploration elements. They just want to battle monsters and perfect their pokeball flicks. If that's you, check out Clandestine: Anomaly. It uses your local maps as the setting for its futuristic tower defence gameplay, then throws in some slick AR shooter action whereby you must move your phone to shoot enemies seemingly whizzing around your head.