Flip Diving is the perfect iOS game for budding Tom Daleys

By , on August 23, 2016

Britain's Tom Daley may have experienced mixed fortunes at the Rio Olympics, but his performances and those of his fellow divers were enough to give many us the curious urge to throw ourselves off a high position into a body of water.

Okay, so very few of us would be crazy enough to actually attempt high diving ourselves. But with Flip Diving, we can still get a tiny taster of this unique sport.

Miniclip's free game is currently topping the free apps chart on the App Store, and it's easy to see why. It's got that irresistible mixture of one-button accessibility and refined technique.

Flipping out

With your diver positioned on the edge of a cliff (other jump locations are available as unlockables), you must press and hold the screen to set the angle for your jump. Initially a simple case of not jumping too vertically so as to avoid smashing your head on the side, this stage eventually becomes vital as your landing zone gets smaller and closer to the base.

Once released, you will leap into the air. Pressing the screen again will form your body into the required shape of your pre-selected trick, and will start your rotation.

Flip Diving

The final stage is to release the screen to pull out of your spin and prepare of entering the water. You can do so head or feet first, but a proper dive will gain you more points.

Also being rated is the number of spins you attempt and the quality (or straightness) of your entry. After you've worked your way up through all of three heights, you'll return to the beginning with a more challenging landing zone.

Daley deal

Along the way there are more tricks, increasingly outlandish divers (this is no serious sim), and jump locations to unlock using coins gained from jump success and scattered around the jumps themselves. You can also watch ads to earn some more, or buy tickets (the premium currency) with in-app purchases.

But it's those core jump mechanics that provide the real incentive to keep jumping. Pulling off the perfect triple front pike is deeply satisfying, because you're only ever a fraction of a second of a mistimed press away from a spectacular belly flop.

We don't all have the athletic ability, physique, or commitment of a Tom Daley. But Flip Diving's moreish mechanics should provide a sufficient taster for most as the Olympic fever abates.

Flip Diving is available now as a free download from the App Store.