Six! on iOS is like Jenga-flavoured digital bubble wrap

By , on August 26, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 9 months ago

We're suckers for a good casual puzzle game on AppSpy - those games where the solid mechanics and tactile controls are everything, to the point where playing the game becomes like scratching a perpetual itch.

New iOS release Six! is just such a game. It's pretty much digital bubble wrap.

The idea is to drop a hexagonal block down from the top of an endless tower of Tetris-like blocks. You do this by tapping at individual blocks to make them disappear.

Joy of Six

Six! is simple enough to play, but the challenge comes from the fact that the blocks and your hexagon follow the laws of physics, so unbalancing the tower or tipping the hexagon at too steep an angle will send it careening off the side, ending your run.

It's got a bit of the classic physical block-removing game of Jenga to it. Or, for the Wii Generation, it reminded me a bit of certain modes in Boom Blox.


You can tell that the developers of Six! (GramGames, which made 1010! and Merged!) have got it right when you realise you're no longer idly tapping away at bricks, and are actually formulating different plans of approach.

It's always a good idea to look out for straight blocks that take up an entire row first, as they're easy wins. But then do you form a pit in the middle so your hexagon is always falling inwards, or do you quickly chip away at alternating sides to gradually work the hexagon down?

Once you pop

Whatever you choose, you'll inevitably come a cropper eventually. But you'll invariably tap the restart button.

Six! is cleanly presented, but nothing to write home about on the graphics front. It doesn't really need to be. What it does it does extremely efficiently, and the vital feel of the block physics is spot on.

If you're looking to put your brain into a slightly lower gear and while away the hot afternoons this sunny weekend, we can't think of any better new iOS game to choose than Six!

Six! is available to download now for free from the iOS App Store.