Auralux Constellations and 4 more RTS games that work on mobile

By , on August 26, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 9 months ago

Auralux Constellations is out this week, bringing an absorbing slice of distilled real time strategy to iOS.

It's not the only game to make RTS, a genre that typically belongs on PC, work well on mobile though. Indeed, various developers have taken on the challenge, with pleasingly diverse results.

Check out these examples of mobile-friendly real time strategy games.

Auralux Constellations


The newest game on this list borrows heavily from mobile RTS pioneer Galcon, in that you're controlling whole planets full of troops and sending them out in swarms to conquer others. Auralux Constellations is deceptively intuitive yet bracingly tough.

Crush Your Enemies


This brilliantly pure strategy game has you facing off across simplified, pixel-art battlefields against a foes. The risk-and-reward oriented strategy has a real tug-of-war feel to it as you try and build your forces whilst edging further into your opponent's territory.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords


Autumn Dynasty Warlords manages to keep the epic historical battles of its predecessor whilst simultaneously simplifying things for mobile. That's quite an achievement in such a demanding genre.



We've talked about games that strip back the RTS already on this list, but no game takes that concept to its logical conclusion like Rymdkapsel. For one thing there's its abstract isometric visuals and bold primary coloured battlefields. For another, you don't even have to select units or mount attacks - just build the best base possible.

Strikefleet Omega

Strike fleet

Strikefleet Omega smartly takes the control system of line-drawing games like Flight Control and applies it to the RTS genre. Build fighters and sketch out their attack paths to defend your beleaguered space fleet from enemy attacks.