The 6 best iOS games to get your Battlefield 1 fix on the go

By , on September 5, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 9 months ago

The Battlefield 1 beta recently went live on console and PC, meaning a generous slice of DICE's much-anticipated World War I-set online shooter is available to play for free.

But what about mobile gamers? There's no Battlefield game on iOS (not anymore at least), but we can think of a few games that nail that Battlefield spirit.

Most are simply accomplished online shooters - yes, they do exist on mobile - but we've also thrown in a nod to Battlefield 1's unusual World War I setting.

Blitz Brigade

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No iOS game captures that Battlefield mix of online FPS action, open levels, and vehicular combat like Blitz Brigade.

Okay, so the light-hearted tone is completely different to DICE's series. But no other iOS game that we can think of lets you set off in a tank before hopping out to snipe a rival team that's dug itself int a capture point.

That's Battlefield in a nutshell, and Blitz Brigade is an entertaining approximation.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

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Okay, so Modern Combat 5 is more Call of Duty than Battlefield in its close-quarters online FPS scraps. But in truth, the two giant series share a similar brand of militaristic appeal. The main difference is in the scale.

If it's the intense, cinematic, building-to-building conflict part of Battlefield that appeals to you, then you can't do much better than Modern Combat 5.

Its polished, fluid brand of squad combat will remind you of hours spent on big-budget console shooters.

Battle Supremacy

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Of course, key to Battlefield's appeal for many people is the ability to hop into an armoured vehicle and provide cover for the feuding troops.

If that's you, then Battle Supremacy will be of particular interest. It's all about tank-to-tank combat across open, accurately rendered battlefields.

There's a heft and weight to the armoured combat that evokes the awkward-but-empowering feel of jumping in a tank in Battlefield 1.


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Afterpulse makes the list because it's one of the more recent and better online shooters - and it's certainly the best-looking. Its sharp environments and realistic lighting are very console-esque.

It's actually a third-person shooter rather than an FPS, but the basics are the same - run around arena-like levels with your team mates, shooting opponents.

Again, the action only really reflects the close-quarters parts of Battlefield, but those beautiful visuals will make console and PC gamers feel right at home.

World of Tanks Blitz

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Like Battle Supremacy, World of Tanks concerns itself with vehicular combat. It started out life on PC, where it proved massively popular, and has since made its way to mobile in the form of World of Tanks Blitz.

With a nice mix of simulation (in its complex controls and realistic physics) and approachability (it's basically a 7v7 online deathmatch game), there's a definite flavour of Battlefield's tank combat here.

Thats also present in the well-constructed upgrade path that keeps you coming back for more.

Valiant Hearts

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There's a chance you're interested in Battlefield I for it's relatively-unique-for-a-videogame setting. We've had plenty of games set in World War II, but there's been a lot less focus on The Great War that preceded it.

That's why we're throwing in this curveball at the last. Valiant Hearts is neither a first person shooter nor an epic multiplayer experience. It's a beautiful, strange, and moving episodic adventure game.

Despite its quirky comic book style, it's the best evocation of World War I on mobile, and it packs plenty of historical information on the tragic conflict. You'll come away from it feeling like you've learned something.