Noodles was one of 2015's most blissful iOS puzzlers - and it's now free

By , on September 6, 2016

Noodles is Apple's Free App of the Week, making right now the perfect time to try out one of the most moreish puzzlers of 2015 - if you haven't already.

The game belongs to a growing list of polished, gentle puzzlers that place the player into an almost zen-like state. There's no frantic rush to solve each of its puzzles, and simply interacting with its components is a tactile joy.

Noodling around

Your goal in Noodles is to link up a series of pipe pieces by rotating them in place. If you've ever played Pipe Mania (also known as Pipe Dream), or even the hacking mini-game in Bioshock, you'll be right at home with the concept.

There's no pressing time constraint here though - no rush of water to stay ahead of (although the fewer moves you make the better). You simply rotate each component until the whole network is hooked up as one.

This is initiated by tapping each piece to make it rotate clockwise. Every time you do so, a little sequential chime sounds, making each puzzle attempt sound out a basic ditty. This combines with the game's minimalistic aesthetic to produce a serene effect. It's quite lovely.


What comes after Noodles? Sushi, of course

As it happens, the developer recently updated Noodles with a bunch of new levels (2000, in fact), as well as including a teaser for its forthcoming new game. Trust us when we say that Sushi Go is one to watch out for when it hits the App Store later this week.

It's very different to Noodles, in that it's a colourful digital conversion of a physical card game, but it shares a certain sense of sharpness if nothing else.

Until then, we can't think of many better ways to fill your idle time than downloading Noodles. Or at least, none that will cost you no money and minimal effort.