Stretch Dungeon is Nitrome's latest warped mobile gaming masterpiece

By , on September 9, 2016

There's a new Nitrome game on the App Store and Google Play Store called Stretch Dungeon. No, we weren't expecting it either. Gotta love those Nitrome guys.

Stretch Dungeon is a typical Nitrome effort. That is, it's intuitive, moreish, has a pixel-art style that's somehow completely distinctive, and has that little smidgen of something different that sets it apart from the crowd.

At heart Stretch Dungeon is an endless dropper. Your put-upon bearded protagonist gets freed from his suspended cage at the top of a vast vertical dungeon, and it's up to you to guide his descent. This is where Nitrome supplies its glorious twist.

Stretch goals

Rather than controlling the protagonist himself, or even the numerous spiked traps that are placed throughout each randomised run, you control the walls of the dungeon itself. Touch the screen and the walls and platforms will expand, pinging the hero in the appropriate direction, clogging up narrow passageways to pause his descent, and covering harmful spikes.

This unique multipurpose tool gives each run through Stretch Dungeon a special thrill. It also gives you multiple solutions to and paths through many of its hazards.

As already mentioned, you also get Nitrome's beautiful art style, which makes you laugh and wince as your pitiable escapee comes a cropper on a spiky ball.

Stretch Dungeon

Dungeon master

And come a cropper you will. Very often. Early runs will see you struggling to get into double figures on the level count. But gradually you'll slip into the game's way of thinking, discover little ways to buy yourself time and space, and you'll start to make progress.

Stretch Dungeon may be a surprise iOS release, but it's no surprise how well crafted and playable it is. After all, it's a Nitrome game.

You can download Stretch Dungeon from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store now for free.