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By , on January 9, 2017
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What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Drink less? Exercise more? Collect every last coloured coin on Super Mario Run? Noble goals one and all.

Our resolution is to talk to our family more. By that we mean the wider Steel Media family, which includes the likes of 148Apps and PocketGamer.

To kick this group hug of an initiative off, then, we’re going to be taking a weekly look at what’s going on over at our sister website, PocketGamer.

Switching things up

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We’re all about apps on AppSpy - the clue is in the title - but over on PG the remit extends to any kind of portable gaming. Again, the title. Do try and keep up

That explains why the website has been getting in a tizzy about Nintendo’s next console. Y’see, the Nintendo Switch will primarily be a handheld console. The key twist is that you’ll be able to plug it into a dock and play the same games on your telly as well.

PG has covered some of the key Switch news of the week, including the fact that Nintendo will be making two separate broadcasts for the Switch launch on January 12. We also learned that cult RPG Mother 3 will be coming to the console.

There was even time for some news about some of the first third party Switch accessories to hit the shops.

Back to front

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We’re as fond of looking longingly back at the golden past as the next website, but those PG chaps take it to another level. This week they were looking at the best pocket gaming hardware of 2016.

As you might expect, the latest efforts from Apple and Samsung were in there. Not the ones that were given to spontaneous combustion - the other ones. But the phone that’s described here as “pound-for-pound the best phone of 2016” wasn’t made by either company. Intriguing!

Lest they be labelled shameless nostalgists, the PG crew have also got one eye on the future of portable gaming. This week also saw them publishing a rundown of the pocket gaming gear to look out for in 2017.

Besides the usual smartphone players, this was also another chance to mention the Nintendo Switch. Sheesh, get a room already.

On the case

This week also also saw PG laying on a fairly comprehensive accessory guide for all those who received a new phone this Christmas.
If that’s you, you’ll probably be wanting to spend a bunch of money protecting, beautifying, and generally augmenting your new gadget. PG’s buyer’s guide features a bunch of different categories, such as cases, travel accessories, and health and fitness trackers, to help you with that.

Whatever you’re planning on doing in 2017, we dare say there’s an accessory on here that will make your life easier.

An answer for everything

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Rather than ease their way into the New Year, the PG chaps have been hounding those poor hung-over developers from the very get go. Editor Glen Fox spoke with Cuz Perry of Kabam about the forthcoming Transformers: Forged to Fight.

This slick-looking brawler calls to mind Marvel: Contest of Champions, but introduces 3D arenas, ranged combat, and transformations to the mix. Check out what Perry had to say by following the above link.

If Transformers aren’t your thing (weirdo), PG also spoke to the developer of Green the Planet 2 this week. Described as a “Relaxing Greenery Simulation Game” by the developer and “an intergalactic space shooter which sets out to indulge that environment conscious eco-warrior inside you” by PG, it certainly seems to be the perfect game for these tumultuous times.