Everything about Everwing: Part 5 - Quests and advanced tips

By , on January 13, 2017

In this final part of our Everwing series we’re going to take a look at some of the advanced tactics you can use to make even more cash as you play.

Namely we’re going to look at using quests, new characters, and extra dragons to fill up your coffers when you’re not even playing.

We’ll also give you some tricks for getting the most out of the time you’re playing the game, since we’re pretty sure that you’re going to be playing an awful lot after you’ve read all of this.


Quests are missions you can send characters on to earn you gold when you’re not even playing. They last for a set amount of time, and when they’re done you can claim the cash that your character has earned.

By the time you start unlocking new characters, your main character is going to be pretty strong, and you won’t want to send them off when you’re playing.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use them in quests though. There are two and four hour quests, so send them off when you’re going to bed and reap the rewards when you get back.

You can also use the gold you earn from playing on any character, so you can toughen up fairies that you’ve never even used so that they’re stronger when they go out to quest for you.

Another tip is to look at the bonuses that characters are going to give you and save for the ones that are going to give you the best boosts. Some double coins, others complete quests in double quick time.

The same goes for the dragons you send out with them as well. You’ll need to play with them to level them up, but sending out a mix of dragons that give excellent boosts will see the cash you earn skyrocketing.

Advanced tricks and tips

Your dragons will hit level 10 and get stuck if you don’t evolve them, so make sure that when you’ve got double dragons of the same hue that you’re levelling them up at reasonably the same pace.

Your best bet when you get deeper into the game is to focus on one side of the waves. Take out the two or three goblins directly ahead of you. It’ll especially help if you’ve got a magnet since you’ll be better place to grab stuff.

Dragons that fire targeted shots are great for getting the wave clear bonus wave, and they’re useful for damaging bosses even when you’re dodging and weaving through their attacks.

Bosses will use the same attacks when you meet them later in the game, but those attacks will be faster. The green blob with the staff is the prime example of this. Even its slow attacks are super speedy when you hit it at around the sixth boss spot.

Take out the fairy queen’s familiar’s first when you’re fighting her later in the game. Remember there’s no time limit, and if you stay alive for long enough you’ll naturally chip down her defences.

If there’s a tempting stash of gems or power-ups and a stream of birds incoming, it’s best not to risk it. In later levels the birds are so fast that even with warning they’re likely to hit you.