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By , on January 17, 2017
Last modified 7 years, 5 months ago

Anyone else finding that 2017 is taking a while to wake up? That certainly seems to have been the case in the world of mobile and portable gaming.

Thank goodness, then, for Nintendo. The Kyoto gaming giant recently held an event that pretty much defined our week over on Pocket Gamer.

For news on that and other things we’ve been covering on PG over the past seven days, read on.

Switching up a gear

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As 2017 ticked around we were already talking about the Nintendo Switch. Friday’s full reveal of the exciting portable/console hybrid ensured that it became our main topic for conversation.

While the general response to the launch was decidedly mixed, PG editor Glen offered a more optimistic angle by explaining why he didn’t think the Switch would be another Wii U.

As the day moved on (the Switch announcement came about in the wee hours for us Brits), Glen was invited to London to snag some time with the console itself. His initial impressions raised our hopes for the console further, though there remain very real concerns over its pricing and launch library.

10 years of iPhone

Last week marked ten years since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. It’s impossible to say how the mobile app and game scene would look if that momentous day hadn’t happened, but it’s safe to say it would have been very different - and quite probably markedly inferior.

To mark the occasion, PG wrote about the ten iOS games that have defined mobile gaming throughout the iPhone era.

You’ll see some familiar faces on the list, plus (we hope) a few surprises that you might not have realised were quite so influential.

In a MOBA far far away

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Undoubtedly the biggest mobile gaming launch of the week - at least for sheer brand clout - was Star Wars: Force Arena. This applied the timeless Star Wars IP to a fairly traditional MOBA.

We at PG found the game to be rather entertaining, so we gave it a fair amount of coverage. This included some handy beginner’s tips and a comparison with other popular mobile MOBAs like Vainglory and Clash Royale.

Bit of a bind

If Star Wars won the popular vote, then The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth attracted the attention of the die-hards. This indie port has been eagerly anticipated, and it finally rocked up on iOS last week.

Very good it is too. While the somewhat vague virtual controls ensure that this isn’t the ultimate version of the game, it retains its ability to pull you back into its grim world again and again.

Fans of twin-stick shooters and roguelikes should really give it a whirl - even at its relatively chunky price point.