Last week on Pocket Gamer - 13th February

By , on February 13, 2017
Last modified 7 years, 4 months ago

It’s that time of the week where we check in on what our friends and colleagues at PocketGamer have been up to over the past seven days.

The PG team is as obsessed with mobile games as we are, but they also cast their eyes to the wider world of portable gaming. If it’s a video game that you can play on the bus, in bed, or whilst walking along the street, they’re on it.

Here’s what’s been occupying the thoughts and gaming time of the PG crew over the past week.

Best multiplayer games on Android

From time to time PG will provided a chunky list of the best games in a particular genre. This week’s subject was a particularly interesting one, however: multiplayer Android games.

All genres were on the table - the only requirement was that the games have a major competitive or cooperative component. It’s a vast field to choose from, and the resulting 25-strong list incorporates online shooters, turn-based board games, and plenty in between.

So, if you’re an Android owner and your like your games social, check out PG’s list.

Switch news

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We’re less than a month out from the Nintendo Switch release. However excited you are for Nintendo’s new hybrid console, we’re willing to wager you’re not quite as excited as PocketGamer.

This week contained a smattering of Switch news, including a new trailer for the console’s flagship game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

We also got a new video offering an overview of the Switch console’s abilities. As PG pointed out, Nintendo is clearly determined not to make the same mistakes it made with the launch of the Wii U, where Joe Public didn’t really get what the console was all about.

Game of the week: Heart Star

It wasn’t exactly a classic week for new mobile games, it must be said. One stand-out in a sea of ‘meh’ was Heart Star, a cute colour-switching platform puzzler that the PG team seemed to appreciate.

Disappointment of the week over on PG had to be Lords of the Fallen - a second rate Infinity Blade-style action-RPG with lots of rough edges and an eye-watering price tag.

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Still, with Fire Emblem: Heroes continuing to bring the good stuff after its dramatic entrance the previous week, it’s not like we’re short of stuff to play. Here’s hoping next week’s better all the same.