The Thursday Find - Evergrow

By , on February 16, 2017
Last modified 7 years, 1 month ago

Thursday has rumbled around like a thing that rumbles around every seven days. And that means it's time to dig up a gem from the games that came out this week and tell you why you should think about giving it a go.

It's been a pretty good week for mobile gaming as well, so deciding what I should tell you to grab was pretty tricky. Fret ye not though, because I got there in the end.

You can click on the emboldened name of the game just below this paragraph if you want to download it. And I think you should. But what is it? Well, what indeed. It's...

Evergrow - £2.99 / $2.99

Evergrow mashes together a few genres and comes up with something that's actually pretty special. You're in control of a cube in the cosmos. A sort of cosmic cube, if you will. And it's up to you to make that cube grow.

You do that by swiping blocks of the same hue into contact with the cube. If they stay there for long enough they'll attach. Bish bash bosh, slightly bigger cube.

It's a simple core premise, but it gets more and more difficult to enact the deeper you get into the game. And that's what makes things so interesting.

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You're given three challenges every level, and bagging them all is far from a walk in the park. Plus there are bombs, mines, meteors, and blocks of the wrong colour that are all out to ruin your day.

Grab coins, spin around, get up to all sorts of straight-sided mischief. Evergrow makes sure that it keeps tossing new ideas into the mix.

It's fresh, it's interesting, and I think it's a worthy winner of the Thursday Find this week. Make sure you add your own suggestions or comments in the comments section below. Oh please do. Go on. Goooo oooonnnnnnn.